Even If They Kill Me I Won't Die


I wonder if Stephenie Meyer & E.L.James get together and discuss how they can brainwash generations of girls & women in to mentally and physically abusive and toxic relationships.


I’m really kind of disgusted by the 50 Shades of Grey movie? Like what the actual fuck. People really got together and said “Okay, lets spend millions of dollars on a giant fuck you to the bdsm lifestyle and create the most disrespectful misrepresentation of any sexual relationship ever, all the while basically condoning abusive relationships!” Seriously, like I know fanfic writers who could do a more respectable job than that. And have more suitable actors play the roles, too.


50 shades au: instead of roping this nubile young woman into an abusive relationship, christian grey reveals that past trauma has given him a specific interest in acting like someone’s pet for an extended period of time, and that bella swan or whoever this is supposed to be is his idea of the perfect master. cue several books of femdom puppy play porn of varying explicitness


Consensual and safe sex


Exploring new kinks safely


Discovering new kinks and improving your sex life




BDSM as portrayed by 50 Shades of Grey


Realizing the backlash that the BDSM community will have to deal with once 50 Shades of Grey is released



A moment of silence for all of the impressionable people who are going to be grossly misinformed about BDSM due to the impending abomination that is the 50 Shades of Grey movie. 

Say it with me kids

Christian Grey is not a Dom. 

Christian Grey is an abuser. 


plot twist where the fifty shades of grey movie drastically overhauls the source material and a) makes christian grey not an abusive pile of human refuse or b) ends the film acknowledging that all of the shit he did is terrible and with anastasia getting the fuck out of there and reporting him to…


Wouldn’t it be so amazing if the 50 Shades of Grey movie just looks like a “romantic” relationship from the trailers but the writers and directors actually chose to use the popularity of the books/film to show that this is not at all a healthy relationship? Like, it ends up emphasizing the relationship between the two characters not as romantic, like in the novels, but rather for what it is - as an abusive relationship between a power hungry sociopath and the young woman he’s stalking.


I find it kinda funny that Mara Wilson, a former child star who is now a writer/kind-of-member of Team NChick/all around cool person, is being called a “sad fuck” by E. L. James, a supposedly grown woman who made millions out of writing Twilight fanfiction that not only relies on glorified abuse, misinterpretations of BDSM and god-awful prose, but manages to be even worse than Twilight itself.